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I have just arrived home after spending 3 weeks in Ameds Rehabilitation Program.
2013-03-27 - Lena Ollas Gustafsson, Sweden

I have just arrived home after spending 3 weeks in Ameds Rehabilitation Program.

The reason I chose this rehabilitation is because in summer 2010 I received a CCSVI treatment at Ameds Centrum with very good result, and I feel great trust in their high quality thinking and serious treatments.

The CCSVI  treatment was a good start, but I understood that I have to take care of my body to allow healing and feel as good as possible with the injuries I had from previous episodes. I have tried to find a structure of everyday life, where I can fit in exercise, recovery time etc. When I heard that Ameds had started a rehabilitation program for patients with MS, I became very interested.

Already when I read about it, I was impressed by the comprehensive program, it contained so many opportunities. I had high expectations before, and they surpassed by reality when I came here!

The rehabilitation is individually structured based on medical examinations of various specialists at Ameds and sophisticated tests conducted on the first day of Columna Medica. MS is a complex disease with symptoms that vary between different people and therefore need to be treated differently. The training here is not general, it is customized for each of us. You got your own personal trainer during the whole stay.

I am also impressed by the holistic perspective, they look at the whole person and all areas that affect and are affected by the disease.  As an example, dietary advice and preparation of anti-inflammatory diet, horse riding and acupuncture are included in the program

I think it is important to have an intensive period of rehabilitation in order to get a good start on the continuing work to manage our disease.

I found Ameds Rehabilitation Program very professional!  Accommodation, staff and training equipment here is also of the highest class!

I have made a lot of progress during their stay here, both things I can experience myself but also proved by various pre-and post-tests.

And I have more knowledge of how my body works and tools to provide the best possible conditions for living optimally despite my illness! Knowledge I can use at home in my everyday life.

I will definitely go back here from time to time, over the next few years!

Thank you, Ameds, for starting this project!


Lena Ollas Gustafsson, Sweden

e-mail: lena_og@hotmail.com


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