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I didn't think that there would be any positive effects on me...
2013-10-24 - Magdalena Oldin, Sweden

I am back in Sweden and I feel great. I didn't think that there would be any positive effects on me... I felt horrible when I left the hospital. I had slept bad - my back hurt because of lying still for so long, I had problems with my bladder etc, etc. So I was so tired and stressed, I didn't have time to shower or brush my teeth or anything.  In the hotel (it was a really  good hotel) I was in the bathroom for several hours. My husband took a walk to the old town in Warsaw. Then I fell asleep at 6 pm. Saturday morning I suddenly noticed that I could move the toes on my left foot a little bit and I could lift the foot a bit. I felt a warmth in my whole body, even in the left side. I could turn around in the bed easier. I could sleep on my right side, I haven't done that for many years.

Now since I got home I feel better all the time. I can't feel the fatigue anymore, I am lighter in my legs, it's easier  to get up the stairs, it's easier to rise from a chair, I can use my left hand much better... Last night I could stand up without holding on to anything! Thank God!

And thank you! Give my regards to all the people I met, the sweet and thoughtful nurses, the kind and professional doctors... Most of all, hugs and love to Dr Pawluczuk! He is my hero! I wish you all the best!

Kind and grateful regards,

Magdalena Oldin from Sweden


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