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Ameds Centrum gave me back my life :)
2012-11-15 - Lowenna Kaute, The United Kingdom

This is how I felt after my liberation procedures...normal, as good as!! Hardly any M.S. symptoms, pain free and 100000x better than I had felt!! Love AMEDS so much! :) Looking forward to going back, and making my life worth living again, as struggling and trying to live with shite symptoms every single day....Well, any M.S.'er, or chronic disease sufferer will tell u...It's merely existing, coz there is no quality of life. Ameds Centrum gave me back my life :) One that wasnt a chore to try n cope with every day. I realise this isnt a cure, but it's the closest thing to one. And I also know that I have had to make mistakes, so I can avoid them this time around (ie, maintain exercise,be aware of diet; also be VERY careful in taking any types of prescription drugs etc... The contraceptive pill is a big NOOO for myself with re-stenosis and causing blood clots to form!) Thank u Ameds, will see you soooon :)


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