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To be honest... - Szczerze mówiąc... - Откровенно говоря …
2011-05-13 - Anna Martinsson


Well to be honest I'm doing quite well for the moment, not 100% perfect but soooooo much better than before my ccsvi! It's a total succes, and Il'l really hope it will last forever! It feels like a got a big part of my life back!


Szczerze mówiąc, radzę sobie teraz całkiem nieźle - nie jest idealnie w 100%, ale  duuuużo lepiej niż przed zabiegiem CCSVI! To ogromny sukces i naprawdę mam nadzieję, że tak już będzie zawsze! Mam poczucie, że odzyskałam dużą część swojego życia!


Анна Мартинссон «Откровенно говоря …»

Откровенно говоря, теперь я справляюсь совсем неплохо: состояние не идеальное на 100%, но на мно-о-о-го лучше, чем перед операцией ХЦВН! Это - огромный успех, и я действительно надеюсь, что так уже будет всегда! У меня такое чувство, что я вновь обрела большую часть своей жизни!

Cathrien Veldt shares her experience with liberation treatment - 4 and 9 months after the procedure
2011-04-01 - Cathrien Veldt


I have been treated on 30-06-2010. I’m still very good. Before treatment I needed a stick and could not stand for longer than 5 minutes. Now I can walk without a stick and stand for half an hour. I can walk for half an hour on normal speed. (…) What is left: sensibility disorders are a little bit less, but still there. I can live with that. (…) I am still very pleased that I have had a treatment from you. To the people who want to hear it I always say that the whole treatment, diagnoses and doctors are better than in Holland. In Holland the doctor do not have time to listen to you, so you get an assistent or trainee. In your hospital I saw the doctors self and they toke the time to listen.



MARCH 2011:

I’m still doing very good. I have been on holidays in Januari to Thailand and I did things I didn’t expect I could do it.

More energy, more stamina... - Więcej energii, więcej siły... - Больше энергии, больше силы …
2011-03-21 - Ruby Bell


I am still enjoying my abundant energy level and enjoying many activities again. I have more stamina, my balance has improved, reduced or almost no spasticity in my legs and improved bladder control. Being in a wheelchair for many years, I now have been going almost everyday walking with a walker for  15-20 mins. in a mall but it is a very slow process. Also, I started with an exercise bike for a few minutes at a time. The improvements are very small but I do feel better after each session.


Thank you and all your staff, once again for the encouragement and professional help you provided us.


Wciąż korzystam z odnowionych pokładów energii! Wróciłam do wykonywania wielu zajęć. Mam więcej siły, moja równowaga poprawiła się, spastyczność nóg została znacznie zredukowana, no i kontrola pęcherza moczowego jest mniej problematyczna. Spędziłam wiele lat nie wstając z wózka inwalidzkiego, a teraz prawie codziennie udaje się na krótkie spacery z balkonikiem - to bardzo powolny proces. Co więcej, zaczęłam korzystać z rowerka treningowego. Poprawa jest niewielka, ale czuję się lepiej po każdej serii ćwiczeń!


Chcę jeszcze raz podziękować całemu personelowi AMEDS Centrum za wsparcie i profesjonalną opiekę, z którą się spotkałam.


Руби Белл «Больше энергии, больше силы …»

По-прежнему черпаю из обновленных запасов энергии! Я снова могу выполнять многие действия. У меня больше сил, улучшились мои способности держать равновесие, спастичность ног значительно снизилась, ну и контроль мочевого пузыря менее проблематичен. Я много лет провела в инвалидной коляске, а теперь почти каждый день выхожу на короткие прогулки с ходунками, это - очень медленный процесс. Более того, я начала пользоваться тренажерным велосипедом. Улучшения небольшие, но я чувствую себя лучше после каждой серии упражнений!


Я хотела бы ещё раз поблагодарить весь персонал АМЕДС Центра за поддержку и профессиональную помощь, с которой я встретилась.

Francine Deshaies, Canada, my testimonial about AMEDS Centrum, March 2011
2011-03-11 - Francine Deshaies

I've known about the AMEDS Clinic in Warsaw, Poland even before they opened their doors. I was aware of the effort that they put forward to make this clinic one of the best CCSVI treatment places in the world.

With my friend Christopher Alkenbrack, we were in contact with the coordinators and relayed information to people from Québec and all over Canada.

I have had MS since 1994, and I was already well into the secondary progressive stage.

In July of 2010, Christopher and I had planned to go the AMEDS Clinic with the first group of International patients. However, before the definitive plans were made, we got a call from Euromedic in Katowice, and due to the urgency of our condition and because Ameds was still not open yet and they could not give us a date, we decided to go to there.  I had the CCSVI intervention with stent placement in the left jugular vein, and left for Québec a few days later. I experienced some significant improvements; my migraines were gone, my fatigue had dissipated, I no longer had problems concentrating, I could once again write, and my bladder problems had cleared up. I also had better balance when I would take a walk by myself with a cane.

But after receiving the results of my last Doppler test a few weeks ago, I learned that a blood clot had formed in my stent. I had to fight with the medical establishment in Québec to have proper follow-up, and I decided to take my health into my own hands and returned to Poland.

This time I contacted Taida Meredith, Chief Patient Coordinator at the AMEDS clinic in Poland, and she quickly replied stating that they would welcome me for follow-up treatment on February 28, 2011. I could not get over how efficient and professional the AMEDS team was, as my entire trip was arranged in two days. Since I knew that my problem was urgent and that I was in need of immediate care, I was comforted in knowing that I could count on them.

Having experienced the improvements from my first treatment, it was not an option for me to lose what I had gained – a better quality of life that allowed me to live day to day with my MS. I knew that the AMEDS team would help me deal with the blood clot.

As soon as I arrived in Warsaw, I was welcomed by 3 people in an ambulance, and this began my incredible journey – a journey that started with the smiling and welcoming hosts,paramedics who spoke English fluently, and some of them even spoke French. I was a little stressed out because of my blood clot, and I received exception care.

On Day 1, I went through the testing process – Doppler, MRV, blood work, appointment with a neurologist. The workers and doctors were professional and received and pampered me during my entire stay.

On Day 2, I met with the anesthetist and another neurologist, AGNIESZKA ANDRZEJCZAK-SOBOCIŃSKA MD who did a complete set of tests to compare with the results after treatment. Unfortunately this step had not been done at the clinic where I received my first treatment.


Around 4:00 p.m, the cardiologist, MEDICAL TEAM LEADER - MACIEJ ZARĘBIŃSKI MD, PhD came and gave me the results of my tests and discussed the treatment plan. He informed me that I had an 80% blockage in the stent on my right side, and that the right jugular vein was also 70% blocked. I felt like I arrived at the perfect time, and that there was no more time to lose.

At around 8:00 p.m., I was escorted to the operating room. My nerves were getting the best of me, so they calmed me down and told me that they would do their best to remove the blood clot.

I felt discomfort during the procedure, as they were removing the blood clot in the left jugular, and the balloon angioplasty on the right jugular went exceptionally well. It was thanks to Taida that I arrived on time. It surprised me somewhat that the blockage in my right jugular vein went undetected at the first clinic where I went, but since I'm not a doctor, I could not know these things.

When the treatment was finished, Dr. ZARĘBIŃSKI took time to explain to me everything that had happened. I was to remain in a flat position for the next 12 hours. Dr. ZARĘBIŃSKI visited the next morning and I received my medication for the follow-up. I then left the hospital totally confident that I had had the best medical care.

I would like to offer a heart-felt thanks to  the entire team at AMEDS....thanks to them I have a second chance at a better life. XXX...

Helene: we were at crisis point coming to Poland - now George is back to work
2011-03-08 - George Rice

George has improved since the procedure on the 11 August 2010.  He was very very bad before coming to Poland – he had been going down the hill for the last previous 2-3  years and was the worse he had ever been in the month coming up to us going to Poland. We were at crisis point coming to Poland.


Just after the procedure he was able quite quickly to leave his big leg splint for his drop foot. He is still using his wheelchair as he is still very unstable - but going up stairs (with two handrails on each side) he only uses a little foot starp  – so his drop foot has improved. His energy levels have improved – he doesn’t get this white tense face anymore that is associated with neurological problems – he has a normal coloured, relaxed face.  His legs are equal temperature  – that was the first sign after the procedure.


He is back at work since November and has reasonable energy levels when he gets home. The main big  improvement is his swallowing. Since the procedure his swallowing is 95% better. He doesn’t choke over food anymore like before. He doesn’t have to have everything chopped up. Water can still cause problems but he can manage by taking his time.


There has been many small improvements generally. Some things have improved some things are the same but there has been no worsening in his condition – this is a first in many years – George MS has over the last 10 years gone down very very slowly – with no ups. Now he is stable with some ups! He does on occasions get a couple of weeks were he is weaker and then it gets stable again.

Sami after his second angioplasty - Sami o rezultatach powtórnego zabiegu
2011-02-22 - Sami Hurri


I had check up appointment at 9th of feb and angioplasty at 10th of feb performed by dr. Pawluczuk. Now I'm feeling great! My hands are warmer than before operation.  I have more power and less spastisity in my legs. Also balance is better than before operation.  I can also make short movements with walker instead of sitting in wheelchair all the time.

Thank you all from my heart.

Sami Hurri

chief patient ;)


9 lutego miałem badania kontrolne po poprzednim zabiegu, a następnego dnia powtórną angioplastykę wykonaną przez Dr. Pawluczuka. Teraz czuję się wspaniale! Moje dłonie są cieplejsze niż przed operacją. Mam więcej energii, a spastyka w nogach jest mniejsza. Poprawiła się moja równowaga, a niewielkie odległości pokonuję z pomocą balkonika - nie muszę już cały czas siedzieć na wózku.


Dziękuję z całego serca.

Sami Hurri

Naczelny pacjent ;)

Another satisfied patient
2011-02-05 - Carol Ann Frank


I am still doing well.  My energy is still higher than I can remember and my eyesight is clear.  I have had a Doppler performed by Dr Sandy Macdonald.  My veins are currently still open.  Yeah....  I trust the credibility of this Doctor and at this time I do not feel I need to go to ameds for a follow up.  I will be getting another Doppler at the one year mark.  I will extend the result of this Doppler to you.


Thank you for offering the procedure.  Don't take this the wrong way, but I hope I do not have to see you guys again :)



Wciąż czuję się dobrze. Nie pamiętam, kiedy ostatnio miałam tyle energii. Widzę wyraźniej. Byłam na badaniu dopplerowskim u Dr. Sandy Macdonald - moje żyły są wciąż otwarte! Uważam, że wyniki badań przeprowadzonych przez Dr. Macdonald są wiarygodne (...). Planuję powtórzyć badanie, gdy upłynie rok od zabiegu - prześlę Wam wyniki.

Dziękuję, że dajecie pacjentom możliwość poddania się temu zabiegowi. Nie zrozumcie mnie źle, ale mam nadzieję, że nie zobaczymy się więcej :)

David Anza - movie
2011-01-17 - David Anza

David Anza - movie

I am so happy I had the opportunity to go to your clinic in Poland.
2011-01-14 - Ruby Bell

I notice many changes, less fatigue, my body temperature is much warmer (hands  & feet), more feeling in my hands and more energy. I am disappointed in my mobility but it seems to be improving. I just started physiotheraphy so I want to work hard at that to restore my weak muscles and try build up my strength. Your doctors, nurses, staff were all so professional, friendly and so helpful. I would highly recommend anyone to go to your clinic to help improve their quality of life. Thank you so much for all the caring everyone provided my husband and myself. The coordinators help was so much appreciated. We have so many wonderful memories to cherish.

Pierre Charland and Beverley Rothstein - movie
2010-12-30 - Pierre Charland and Beverley Rothstein

Pierre Charland and Beverley Rothstein - movie

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