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Walking without a stick but with a smile on the face instead!
2012-07-25 - Illés Erika and János Hegedűs, Hungary

Our stay at your medical centre was fantastic! All the staff were polite, kind, patient and thoughtful. We have never experienced this kind of care. Unfortunately we didn’t see the city of Warsaw. But soon we’ll be back.


My husband has begun feeling positive signs! His feet are not swallen at all. His left hand – which was very weak – is as strong as it was many years ago. His mood is getting better and better, he smiles a lot. His speech has improved AND finally, he’s started walking without his stick.

Anna-Karin from Sweden about her experience with AMEDS
2012-07-04 - Anna-Karin on behalf of Agneta, Sweden

We do wish to thank you for great response, for seriously considering her specific situation and giving straight answers to our questions. Even though she won't be coming to you, we feel greatful for this and we will absolutely recomend others with MS to contact you for evaluation.


Anna-Karin on behalf of Agneta

Two years after Marja's angioplasty
2012-06-27 - Erkki and Marja Kuure, Finland

Two days ago it was exactly two yrs (2010) since wife's angioplasty and Im very happy to tell that the wonderful benefits have lasted. I believe that her extremely healthy diet and exercise are big factors for good and long lasting benefits. She has been exercising quite hard with weights, and is now beginning with crossfit training.


Trust me, I know that results of treatment differs individually - so Im very greatful that my wife had optimal results. Zamboni said couple of years ago about "early treatment" and it makes sense. Maybe the venous problem is like nasty vicious circle and progressive one. So, what Im trying to say is THANK YOU.

The happiest girl in Ireland
2012-04-30 - Jennifer Flynn, Ireland

Jennifer from Ireland talks about her visit at AMEDS Centrum and her liberation treatment:


"I find the Polish people amazing! (...) I've been here two times, this is my second treatment, my second operation - and I am the happiest girl in Ireland! The treatment and the treatment of people around me has been brilliant, and I've had a wonderful time, I feel very very accepted and comfortable - I really do, I have to say!"


To watch the full video, click on Jennifer's photo on the right or go directly HERE.

Unique Polish kindness
2012-03-28 - Maria and Romeo Centenaro, Canada

in consideration of our last visit of this march 2012 we would like to thank all of the personell for the kind care we received and we certanly could not ask for a better one, this will also apply for the frendly and human treatment we also received from the ambulance driver and all people that we a chance to meet.


we hope the the polish people will never lose this type of kindness wich is becameming very rare. once moore thank you all.

Wybitny szermierz - florecista, medalista Mistrzostw Świata i Europy, wielokrotny medalista Mistrzostw Polski, członek kadry narodowej
2011-11-03 - Jacek Gaworski, Polska

polski - Polish


Jestem bardzo zadowolony z profesjonalizmu i bardzo wysokiej jakości usług jakie oferuje AMEDS Centrum. Personel lekarski przed zabiegiem udziela rzeczowych informacji w sposób bardzo przystępny dla laika takiego jak ja. Sam zabieg jest wykonywany na najwyższej jakości sprzęcie, najnowocześniejszą technologią w świecie co w połączeniu  z profesjonalizmem i doświadczeniem lekarzy wykonujących daje doskonałe efekty.

Personel pielęgniarski bardzo pozytywnie i z zaangażowaniem podchodzący do wykonywanej pracy. Mimo, że czasem mają naprawdę ciężko. Ich fachowość i troska o pacjenta jest wielką ulgą w trudnych chwilach dla chorego po zabiegu. Nic nie stanowi dla nich problemu zawsze uśmiechnięci chętni do pomocy.

Zaraz po zabiegu poczułem, że moje stopy są cieplejsze, ten stan nadal sie utrzymuje.
Przed zabiegiem odczuwałem ciągłe zmęczenie, teraz z każdym dniem czuję się silniejszy.


English - angielski


I am very pleased with the professionalism and high quality services offered by AMEDS Centrum. Before the procedure medical staff provides exhaustive information in a very accessible way. The procedure itself is performed on the highest quality equipment, with state-of-the-art technology, which combined with the professionalism and experience of surgeons performing the treatment gives excellent results.

Nursing staff is very friendly and truly committed to their work. Even though at times it gets real difficult for them. Their professionalism and concern is a great relief for a patient during the difficult time after the surgery. Nothing is a problem for them, they are always smiling and willing to help.

Immediately after surgery I felt that my feet are warmer and this continues.
Before the surgery I felt constantly tired, now every day I feel stronger.

Everyday rehabilitation brings benefits
2011-09-21 - Birgitta Karjalainen, Finland

I have allways been intrested about nutrition and rehabilitation. (...) The name of the apparate i am cyckling every day is MOTO viva 2 and it is so neccessary now for me, my MS, my back, blood circulation etc. to cyckle and train a little too every day. I will send a photo of my home gym when the camera is available for me. After cyckling i am using an other cheaper gym vibration apparate for my feet and it is stimulating and relaxing. I really got some benefit of CCSVI treatment for the spasticity of legs and back and that is quite remarkable because the need of spasticity pills and sleeping pills too is now lower just to mention something concrete. (...)


Today too i have felt myself quite energetic like i felt before; thanks for the CCSVI treatment your great, skilled doctor and your whole wonderfull team did. and my own activity.

It has been almost 10 months since my procedure in Poland
2011-09-21 - Ruby Bell, Canada

It has been almost 10 months since my procedure in Poland.

I am still feeling very well. It is amazing the stamina, less fatigue I have been enjoying with our family and friends. I have been able to entertain guests, travel and enjoy many activities I thought I would never be able to do again. I have been keeping very active. I exercise as much as I can-walking with my walker (...)
I use my exercise bike, and now we are planning another trip to visit our granddaughter in Vancouver who is studying at UBC. We have wonderful memories this past summer with our grandchildren at our cottage, attending two weddings and being with our family (four children and 9 grandchildren) who are 7 hours away (driving time) from us.


Your rehab program would be wonderful. It would definitely be something I would enjoy and benefit from, too. A dream would be to visit Poland, attend the AMEDS Clinic and visit with my relatives in Bialysok once again.


Thank you for all the support and excellent care we received at your hospital in Warsaw.

Liberation treatment - flying in the face of established beliefs
2011-09-20 - Jenny Ferguson

Just a big thank you all for the liberation. You are all so bold to fly in the face of established beliefs about the contributing factors causing MS. Your bravery gives me hope and courage. So thank you all. Please check out my blog for events leading up and after CCSVI at AMEDS.


I made a big mistake...
2011-09-16 - Diana McCaig

One big mistake I made was having the procedure done and not following up with therapy and proper nutrition. These are necessary  components to include when trying to change your life style to a positive change. Ameds is associated with a rehab clinic that has a 4 week program that I am currently doing. I am in week 3 of their 4 week program and it is so beneficial in showing me all the things I have done wrong over the past 17 years. I am certain if I had this information and therapy years ago in Canada I would not be in my current condition. Their therapy is designed specifically for MS patients and the physio in Canada is not and did not benefit me at all.

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