Medical Experts


Dr. Cieszanowski is a graduate of the Warsaw Medical Academy. He has earned a first-degree specialization in radiodiagnosis and a second-degree specialization in radiology and diagnostic imaging from the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory.


After defending his doctorate he qualified as an assistant professor in the area of "Detecting and differentiating focal changes in the liver by magnetic resonance tomography. "He received a scholarship from the Batory Foundation to attend the Boston University School of Medicine Department of Radiology to further his knowledge in the areas of USG, CT-scan and MRI. He completed specialist training courses organized by the European Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology on the subjects of MRI imaging of the vascular system in Lyon, and courses in MRI technician-craft in Antwerp, Heraklion and Leuven. He has also taken part in courses in the fields of MRI imaging, the nervous system (Leuven), cardio-vascular system (Rome) and many more.


He has worked as a radiology consultant at the University Hospital Glasgow Royal Infirmary as well as at the Basildon University Hospital (England).


Dr. Cieszanowski is the author of more than one hundred papers, including dozens published in foreign journals.


He has participated in numerous congresses, scientific symposia and conferences, far too many to list here. He is an acclaimed authority in the field of MRI imaging.


He is fluent in English.