Rehabilitation details


AMEDS MS Rehabilitation Program


AMEDS MS Rehabilitation Program is a unique project on the worldwide medical tourism market, with patients participating in its creation from the very beginning.


Rehabilitation details

Rehabilitation details


AMEDS MS Rehabilitation Program includes:


- Individually tailored program of exercises and therapeutic procedures

- Specialist consultations and examinations

- Everyday physiotherapy

- Acupuncture and chronic pain treatment

- Dietician consultation including personal diet recommendations with catering during the stay in Lask + 2-months nutritional care (follow-up consultations by email or phone)

- Culinary classes during which patient will learn how to prepare meals according to his or her diet recommendations

- Individual and group meetings with psychologist, available for the patient and his or her family members

- Art therapy

- Music therapy

- Access to SPA facilities

- A variety of other activities: city tours, nordic-walking, yoga and many others

+Additional offer: Elemental hair analysis with a description of metabolism and pathological tendencies with a dietician consultation – a unique proposal in Europe!


Rehabilitation details



AMEDS MS Rehabilitation Program Medical Team is comprised of the following specialists:


- Rehabilitation medicine specialist

- Neurologist

- Chronic Pain Specialist

- Neurosurgeon

- Urologist

- Cardiologist

- Angiologist

- Interventional Cardiologist

- Radiologist

- Psychiatrist

- 0phthalmologist

- Endocrinologist


Rehabilitation details



During the duration of a stay in Lask patients are also supported by:


- Nutritionist

- Physiotherapists

- Psychologist

- Occupational Therapist


About more details regarding rehabilitation program, ask coordination team.


MS Rehabilitation Centre in Borne Sulinowo

Rehabilitation details

The full 4-week rehabilitation program is the most effective for MS patients.
Every week there are 6 days of rehabilitation activities and one day devoted to rest and recovery.
The specially designed program offers the best results for MS patients.
According to idividual preferences it is possible to shorten or lengthen the stay.
Additionally, patients who have first undergone CCSVI Treatment experience better results.

Patients staying at the resort are examined by a neurologist who, based on the  medical interview, records and a detailed physical exam, makes a preliminary assessment, which determines patient's deficits and problems expressed in neurological evaluation scales (i.e. the EDSS score).

On the basis of the diagnosis the neurologist directs the patient to specialists and therapists:

  • Rehabilitation medicine specialist
  • Urologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Sociotherapist
  • Occupational therapist

A visit to each of the professionals includes an interview, clinical observation, and test results in the diagnosis of specialized medical, nursing and physical therapy. The information collected allows assessment of the functional and psychological status of the patient and helps determine his or her needs. This will enable the patient to function better in his environment and in society. On the basis of all these data, the team develops an individual therapeutic treatment program.

In order to plan and monitor patient's holistic care, regular meetings of an interdisciplinary team are held in order to verify the diagnosis, modify the comprehensive therapeutic requirements and adapt the currently existing therapeutic needs to the current needs of the patient.

The 4-week program is essentially divided into two stages:

  • The first two weeks, in addition to many other forms of therapy, the patients use the swimming pool;
  • The next two weeks include treatment in the cryogenic chamber.


Watch the video about the MS Rehabilitation Centre:


Rehabilitation details



Gymnastics-morning group exercises (and other streamlining workouts)
Learning mobility activities
Electric treadmill (mobility exercises)
Exercise equivalent
Equilibrium exercises on a balance platform and stabilometric platform
Passive exercises
Rotor extremities (depending on the adjustment program)
Active exercises
Tilting table and orthostatic  exercises
Exercises in accordance to PNF methods
Breathing exercises and other forms of rehabilitation
Exercise steps - passive and assisted

Dry massage, plus partial hand sensory stimulation
Exercises with instruments: training manual stations for hand set KOWO boards, manual exercises with and without resistance, balls, exercise balls, Hand Master – active, active-passive and assisted exercises

HYDROTHERAPY / Cryochamber
Aquatic exercises (for a period of two weeks of the program - an alternative to the cryochamber)
Cryochamber (last 2 weeks of the program - interchangeable with pool)

Treatments tailored to the health of the patient to choose from: tonolysis, TENS, ID, DD, laser, UD, magnet, stimulation


Medical consultation, specialist consultations
Group or individual sessions with doctors (doctors: rehabilitation physician, urologist, internist)

* Other than the stabilometric platform and balancing platform, exercises are also performed on a power treadmill.