Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Center

Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

Our common goal is to improve MS Patients’ quality of life and establish a new quality in MS Rehabilitation.

AMEDS Centrum cooperates with two modern Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Centres in Poland.

Unique AMEDS MS Rehabilitation Program


Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation



AMEDS MS Rehabilitation Program in a cooperation with Rehabilitation Centre in Lask, Poland

! 1st rehabilitation program created with the active participation of patients !


- Patients participating in the creation of the Program from the very beginning

- Highly experienced medical team involved in the project

- Comprehensive rehabilitation offer

- State-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment

- High-standard accommodations + SPA centre + restaurant

- English coordinator’s assistance 24/7

+a possibility to combine rehabilitation with CCSVI Diagnostics & Treatment!

AMEDS MS Rehabilitation Program is a unique project on the worldwide medical tourism market, with patients participating in its creation from the very beginng. The Program has been created in the cooperation with Rehabilitation Centre in Lask, one of the most modern rehabilitation facilities in Europe. The Centre is situated in the amazing nature’s surroundings of lakes and forests.

MS Rehabilitation Centre in Borne Sulinowo, Poland

Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

The John Paul II Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Centre is a modern, opened in 2007, state-of-the-art facility offering complex and multidisciplinary rehabilitation solely for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. AMEDS Centrum cooperates with the Centre since 2011. The Centre meets European standards in all areas. It is a member of RIMS (Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis) – a European organization joining rehabilitation facilities all over Europe. The Centre is also supported by the European MS Platform.

The Centre is located in a four-storey building, welcoming more than 50 patients every month.

The Centre offers high-standard accommodations with facilities fully adapted for handicapped guests.

Watch the video about the MS Rehabilitation Centre:


There is no communication barrier – most of the staff speaks English and additionally each AMEDS Centrum patient gets the support of an English-speaking coordinator during his stay in the MS Rehabilitation Centre.