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TODAY - Global CCSVI Expo 2011 - dr Maciej Zarębiński at 1p.m. Pacific Standard Time

Today is the day!

Global CCSVI Expo will be hosting dr Maciej Zarebinski at 1p.m. Pacific Standard Time. It will be actually 4p.m. (16:00) in Quebec, 9p.m. (21:00) in United Kingdom and 10p.m. (22:00) in Poland.

Our Medical Team Leader - Dr Maciej Zarebinski will be participating in the Global CCSVI Expo 2011

Our Medical Team Leader - Dr Maciej Zarebinski MD, PhD will be speaking during the Global CCSVI EXPO on 2011 Monday 21st of November at 1p.m. Pacific Time

A year has passed so fast... Lena's story

Lena has just celebrated her first 'angioversary' (as it is called by patients who underwent the CCSVI treatment). The procedure changed her life, but it was just the beginning of the long way. Lena decided to share her story with others.

If you want to know more or have any questions, feel free to contact Lena directly. Her contact details can be found here.

You can watch Lena's before-and-after video here.


My personal thoughts about the results of my treatment.


I recently celebrated the first anniversary since my CCSVI treatment at Ameds Centrum and I was there for check-up a few weeks ago. And …YES! The examinations showed that the blood flow from the central nervous system is OK! No restenosis and no need for another treatment!


Life has totally changed since last year, for me and my family! I‘ve had very good results of the treatment and I am so grateful! My life has taken a new direction, thanks to the Liberation Team at Ameds Centrum! You can see a video about my life before and after the treatment at I've thought a lot about what may have contributed to my great improvements. Is it just luck or can my way of living have something to do with it? Each of us will probably have to find our own path to health, but I hope my story can inspire some of you on the onward journey after treatment.


I would like to share with you how I deal with life and its challenges.


First of all, I think it is very important what fuel we give our body. I eat organic food as much as possible, I avoid carbohydrates (sugar, bread, flour, potatoes, pasta, rice ...) and give my body energy from fat instead. About fats - I consider the balance between omega 6 and omega 3 and eat food high in omega 3 (for ex. natural grazing beef and salmon) + omega 3 supplement, since much of today's diet contains too much omega 6, which are inflammation-inducing, while omega 3 are anti-inflammatory. I avoid artificial additives in food. I take supplements that are based on organic fruits and vegetables from Nutrilite By the way, the soccer team AC Milan also takes the same supplements and they've also shown good results! :)


Rehabilitation: I've been on a three week intensive rehabilitation, several months after the treatment at Ameds, which helped me to “recreate” my muscles which have been “sleeping” for years! A strong recommendation is to schedule such a rehabilitation period at a specialized clinic!


Physical and mental exercise: I do aerobics in a swimming pool once a week… or at least I plan to do this, but sometimes I'm not able to. I take short walks with my dog. I also apply Eastern philosophy, such as meditation and mindfulness yoga or Qi Gong.


Recovery time: I can work quite hard and stay focused for short periods, but I make sure to get recovery time after social and physical efforts, and I try to reduce all stress in my life, both internal and external. If I do get stressed, some MS symptoms return immediately, such as fatigue, heavy legs, icy pain in my feet. I avoid as much as possible social environments that take too much energy from me and I am privileged to be surrounded by supporting and caring people that I love and who love me


Strong positive expectation is another ingredient in my approach to life. Not to see me as a victim of circumstances, but taking control of my life and be sure to have fun, do what I like! It is very powerful to expect the best in life, that’s what we all are worth!


I do believe, that living according to my core values ​​is essential for my health and that is something I'm working on, every day, in every situation!


Finally:  Find something that matters to you, where you have something to give to others. It makes you feel good! Being able to give to others is a gift that brings health!


CCSVI treatment is just the beginning ... there is so much we can do to contribute to our continued health! Best wishes to all of you from Lena

Discount on airplane tickets for AMEDS patients

Now you can get your airplane tickets with a 25% discount!

For our patients we have concluded a special agreement with Lufthansa.

If you will plan your travel through us, the cost of airplane tickets will be considerably lower.

Contact us at for more details.

AMEDS Centrum offers CCSVI check up in the USA

We are pleased to inform you that for our patients in USA and Canada we are now offering a CCSVI diagnostic packages including MRV, Doppler, neurologic examinations and transportation (airport, hotel, exam sites) for the total price of 2500 $

at Deak Vein NJ Clinic at Somerset, New Jersey, USA.


All persons from America that prefer not to travel as far as Europe for diagnostics, either to do their 6-months or yearly check-up or to find out if they actually qualify for treatment can now do it at Deak Vein DJ Clinic.


To make an appointment – contact our coordination office at or call +48 795 427 912.


If you decide to contact Deak Vein NJ Clinic – do not forget to mention AMEDS in order to receive the discounted package

NEW PRICES - CCSVI diagnostics + treatment

Thanks to new study results being published recently, CCSVI treatment is being more and more recognized. Our partners are also more convinced to see the rationale of this method and in the result can offer a greater flexibility.  We have succeeded to renegotiate our contracts with the hospital and increased number of diagnostic providers. We are very happy to announce that all these changes has enabled us to lower the cost of diagnostics and treatment significantly from September 2011.

Please contact us in order to receive the detailed pricelist.

AMEDS Centrum’s Charity Foundation finances CCSVI treatment.

For some time now our clinic has been preparing to establish a Foundation designated to give the opportunity for patients suffering from MS to undergo CCSVI treatment.


We are very happy to receive positive feedback from patients who have undergone CCSVI Treatment coming from all around the globe.


One of the first steps of the Foundation’s functioning was to prepare the Medical Reports showing reliable results of the CCSVI treatment.

That being done, we have now launched the second mission of the Foundation – collecting funds in order to finance treatment for our patients.


As everyone’s situation is very special to us it would be almost impossible to choose one person who should receive the aid. Therefore, the operators of the foundation have decided to carry out a lottery program for all of the patients who will come to our clinic in September.


The lucky person will receive the CCSVI Treatment for free!


If you are considering CCSVI treatment – do not hesitate! All patients who will come in September for the CCSVI treatment and diagnostics will participate in the lottery. You could be the lucky winner!

Dr. Zarębiński talks in a VIDEO about the most current issues related to the CCSVI Treatment

After having received numerous messages with questions and concerns regarding most current issues related to the CCSVI Treatment, Dr Maciej Zarebinski, AMEDS Centrum Medical Team Leader, would like to address them in a video prepared especially for all patients suffering from MS.


Dr Zarebinski, basing on AMEDS Centrum’s experience of around 600 procedures performed, refers to the issues of risk that can follow the CCSVI procedure, which is restenosis,  and the most advanced devices used currently in venous angioplasty.


Dr Zarebinski is also giving advice on how to get the best effects from the treatment.


We are very happy to share this informative and enlightening material with you.
In order to open the video in your internet browser go directly to:

From now on you have the opportunity to contact dr. Zarebinski directly with questions in case you have any questions not covered in this video.
Please feel free to write directly to dr. Zarebinski at Dr Zarebinski will answer all of your questions as soon as it is possible.

Jacek Gaworski at AMEDS Centrum - full story on the blog

Jacek Gaworski's visit at AMEDS Centrum has come to an end. He is a famous Polish swordsman who has been fighting with Multiple Sclerosis for 7 years now. Once again we would like to thank him and his wife for the trust they put in our clinic. For more photos from the visit we invite you to the BLOG run by Jacek.

Famous Polish swordsman suffering from MS at AMEDS Centrum

We are happy to announce that Jacek Gaworski, an outstanding Polish swordsman, the world champion has visited AMEDS Centrum today .

Jacek Gaworski has won dozens of medals and titles in all age categories. For many years he was a member of the national team and Polish Olympic representative at the boards around the world. In 2004, after experiencing severe health problems that were followed with long hospital stay, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

We are glad that Jacek Gaworski chose our clinic as a place to perform CCSVI examinations.

We would like to thank our partner TRANS-MAJ (ambulance transportation services), and its owner Mr. Waldemar Majewski ( for their engagement and help in organizing the travel from Wrocław to Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

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