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MS rehabilitation program this autumn!

MS Rehabilitation Centre in Borne Sulinowo, Poland, offers complex and multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs for patients with Multiple Sclerosis.


The Centre has experience with patients after CCSVI treatment. Some AMEDS patients have already taken part in all-inclusive 1-month stays at the Centre. The spots for autumn stays are still available.


More information about the Centre and rehabilitation programs: HERE

In order to schedule a stay at the Centre: CONTACT US

Modlin: new airport in Warsaw

Warsaw-Modlin Mazovia Airport LTD. has been designed to fulfill the role of regional public use airport, complementary for Warsaw Chopin Airport. It will serve mainly international short-haul and medium range routes, as well as domestic routes between regional airports. The airport is located 35 km north of Warsaw's city centre. It was originally designed for military use in 1937.

Since Wizz Air and Ryanair announced moving its operations from Warsaw Airport to Modlin Airport,
many patients have been asking us about the new airport. We would like to confirm that
AMEDS Centrum is able to arrange the pick up from both Warsaw airports.
Please contact your Coordinator for the details.

New discounts on airplane tickets for AMEDS patients

We are happy to announce that we have just negotiated new discounts on airline tickets for our patients. AMEDS Centrum together with Medical Travel Europe concluded a special agreement with LOT Polish Airlines last week.


Now when travelling with LOT Polish Airlines patients get the following discounts:

* 20% - when travelling from Canada and the United States of America

* 15% - when travelling from European countries


In order to take advantage of the discounts, ask our Coordinators to assist you with the ticket purchase.

Informational booklet about IVUS by AMEDS physicians

Dear Patients and Friends!


We received many inquiries from you regarding IVUS technology and its use in the CCSVI diagnostics. Our Medical Team members have prepared an informational booklet about IVUS in CCSVI. We hope that it will resolve your doubts and answer at least some of your questions.


You can download the booklet from HERE. Feel free to share it others!
Should you have further questions, please contact us directly via email: or phone: 0048 22 734 40 34.


AMEDS Centrum Medical Team

Maciej Zarębiński, MD, PhD addresses concerns regarding restenosis

Dear Patients,
we are still receiving numerous inquiries from you regarding restenosis after CCSVI treatment.

We have decided to offer 50% discount from the treatment price for our patients who have restenosis within 9 months since the first treatment. Restenosis should be confirmed during a check up visit at AMEDS Centrum.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Team at or

Best regards,
Maciej Zarębiński, MD, PhD
AMEDS Centrum Medical Team Leader

Ameds introducing IVUS!

Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) is a modern invasive method of diagnostic imaging. By using ultrasounds, IVUS allows more precise vessels anatomy imaging. The primary benefit of IVUS is that it offers a tomographic, 360-degree view of the vessel’s wall from the inside, allowing more complete and accurate assessment than it is possible with the use of venography examination.

Using IVUS in the diagnostics of Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) allows more accurate assessment of venous pathologies (such as narrowings) and more precise selection of balloon catheters used in the venous angioplasty procedures. In the CCSVI treatment, AMEDS Centrum physicians use high-pressure balloons and cutting balloons.


Contact us at or for more details.

Maciej Zarębiński, MD, PhD addresses concerns regarding phlebography

Dear Patients,
AMEDS physicians are doing complete investigation of venous system. We perform phlebography with renal and illiac veins.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Team at or

Best regards,
Maciej Zarębiński, MD, PhD
AMEDS Centrum Medical Team Leader

Are you afraid of restenosis? Ask AMEDS how we can help you...

AMEDS Centrum has decided to enable the restenosis patients to have the possibility to negotiate the price of a repeated CCSVI treatment. Unfortunately, as with all other types of procedures, guarantees do not exist in healthcare and our clinic is also unable to guarantee lasting results. Some of our patients benefit immediately from treatment and the benefits last for months, years and hopefully longer. Others, unfortunately, experience restenosis i.e. the reclosing of a vein after treatment, which may happen within a few weeks or a few months from the procedure date.

As AMEDS is striving to always improve the quality of services offered we are now making a pledge that every single case of restenosis will be reviewed in detail and in each case we will negotiate a suitable discount individually for repeated procedure.

Our mission is to help patients, and although as a private clinic we are unable to offer free treatment, or else we would cease to exist, we will do our best to help all the patients in need. In case of repeated angioplasty we will be taking into consideration the time elapsed since the first treatment when calculating the discounted price.

CCSVI Round Table in Frankfurt, Germany!

AMEDS Centrum's Medical Team Leader dr Maciej Zarębiński will be participating in the CCSVI Round Table in Frankfurt, Germany, this Saturday, 14th January 2012 discussing experiences from different centres around the world.

Plane Tickets - Lufthansa up to 25% off !

Do not forget that AMEDS Centrum has negotiated special discounts at Lufthansa for our patients.

Now when scheduling a visit ask us to assist you with plane ticket purchase and you can get up to 25% discount!

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